B-Stop installation

Before installing B-Stop it should be identified the residual current breaker that trips or the one with a current margin too low.

It must be connected to phase, neutral and protective earth conductors, in parallel to the electrical system. The right current compensation level must be selected by wiring a jumper (10mA for RCD with a threshold of 30mA and 5mA for RCD with a threshold of 10mA).

B-Stop installation schema

Position B-Stop into the electric switchboard and connect it downstream to the residual current device. Connect phase and neutral conductors in the right way and remember to connect the compensation terminal to the protective conductor. It's important to follow the phase and neutral indications, otherwise the device will cause the sudden tripping of the RCD.

Before powering up the system make sure you have selected, with the jumper, the appropriate compensation current. Our suggestion is to inject 10mA for RCD with 30mA threshold and 5mA for RCD with 10mA threshold. In order to do the right choice is always advisabile to make an audit in advance identifying the right value.


Download B-Stop installation manual PDF download