Does your RCCB trip for no reason?

Very often earth leakage breakers (RCD) trip for no apparent reason. It’s the plague of modern electrical plants. Our B-Stop device, in many cases, can fix the issue!

How to avoid RCD nuisance tripping in common situations where capacitive leakage cannot be kept low enough?

Here at Teypra we developed an electronic device that provides an aid to solve the problem. No, it’s not a magic! It acts more or less as a filter by injecting a counter-capacitive earth current able to compensate the natural capacitive leakage of a power distribution plant. We think it’s like the Columbus’s egg, nobody has ever thought to address this issue in this way! We installed it on hundreds of electrical plants, it’s easy to install and really effective!

We have safety in mind and B-Stop is really safe!

  • You must not replace your RCD breaker with a higher current one (most electricians do so disregarding the limits by law).
  • RCD is still there, still connected as before thus providing the same level of protection regarding electric hazards.
  • Atmosferic discharges or electric substation switching operations do introduce voltage peaks which very often lead to RCD tripping. B-Stop reacts at these phenomenons by injecting the same amount of current, counter-phase.

For more detailed explanation, please check our B-Stop mini-site