B-Stop installation

The B-Stop device must be connected to the phase, neutral and protective conductors; in parallel to the electrical installation. With a simple external link you can select the most appropriate compensation value for the leakage current respect to the RCD installed (5mA for RCD with 10mA threshold and 10mA for RCD with 30mA threshold).

B-Stop legend

To successfully install B-Stop is necessary, first of all, to identify the residual current device liable for nuisance trips or that we know have a small leakage current margin.

Position B-Stop in the electrical panel, and install it to downstream of the residual current device. Connect phase, neutral conductor in the right position and taking care to connect the compensation terminal on the protective conductor. It's important to respect the phase and neutral polarity indicated, otherwise there is the incorrect operation of the device and the likely immediate RCD tripping.


Before powering up the system make sure you have selected, with its external link, the appropriate compensation current. Our suggestion is to introduce 5mA for RCD with 10mA threshold and 10mA for RCD with 30mA threshold. For right choice is always advisable to carry out, in advance, a campaign of measures to identify the most appropriate value.


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